The study is a source of information to those making economic and social welfare decisions for all Australians

What's new in 2023?

It’s been a challenging few years living through a pandemic that has changed much of how we now live, work and play. We continue to face cost of living pressures, the outcomes from severe weather events and the impacts of world politics on our way of life.

This year the Living in Australia (HILDA) study will focus on life stages, relationships, family formation and retirement. Through the interview, we hope to gain a better understanding of how your life may change as your priorities change, and gain insights into the issues that are important to you now and those that will become important to you in the future

The Hon, Amanda Rishworth MP

A message from the Hon, Amanda Rishworth MP

For more than twenty-years, the HILDA survey has been collecting information from you and your families. This data has been incredibly valuable and your input has helped all Australians.
The Australian Government is committed to building a better future for our nation, and the HILDA data helps us in that goal.

Whether it be focussing on cost of living relief, affordable housing, better jobs and wages or more accessible services, one of the keys to seeking a better future for us all is understanding how we live, how we work and what keeps us healthy and happy.

Because of your participation and generosity in opening-up about how your families and households work, researchers and policy makers can understand what’s important to Australians and discover how your challenges, choices and opportunities in one year can impact on your health, happiness and prosperity in the future.

For Government it helps us develop policies that make Australia better and ensure we are holding no one back and leaving no one behind. That is key to the Australian spirit and the Australian story.
Thank you for your continued participation in this valuable study. I hope that the information you provide today and in the future will continue to steer our country towards a better tomorrow.

The Hon, Amanda Rishworth MP

Minister for Social Services
Member for Kingston