Tony Nicholson

Executive Director, Brotherhood of St Laurence

The HILDA survey is playing an important role in helping the Brotherhood of St Laurence to better understand the level of social exclusion experienced by Australians each year.

The regular collection of data from the same households is critical to measuring the range of factors that impact on people's social and economic participation. The HILDA survey is the only comprehensive data source that enables us to undertake this type of analysis.

The publication of the Social Exclusion Monitor based on the HILDA data has enabled the Brotherhood to increase community awareness of social exclusion and also to advocate to governments for policies that will address poverty and disadvantage, such as better education, employment assistance and health services.

As a leading community organisation, we believe the HILDA survey plays a vital function in building a stronger evidence base in support of more effective social and economic policies.

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Tony Nicholson

Executive Director
Brotherhood of St Laurence

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