Stephen Zubrick

Prof Stephen Zubrick MSc AM PhD, Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Western Australia, and Senior Principal Research Fellow, Telethon Kids Institute

Over the last 20 years there has been a transformation in available longitudinal information about Australian families and their economic and social circumstances.

The HILDA survey is one of the primary contributors to this transformation and represents one of the premiere sources of reliable and relevant information about how Australians are making their way in a rapidly changing world.

The influence of findings based on HILDA is impressive and their reach is exceptional. How is Australia faring in addressing economic inequality? How do families balance their time and money in meeting the demands of family and work? What are the changes that have occurred and are occurring in Australia’s use of causal employment? What has been the impact of negative gearing and what are the implications of changing how this is regulated? What is the basis of happiness and life satisfaction? Are more Australians able to choose a life they value and to contribute socially, economically and civically?

Whether one looks across social science, government policy development, contemporary media, or whether one looks nationally or internationally, HILDA data are used to inform critically important debates, initiatives, and evaluations that are central to how people live their lives. HILDA has increased our capacity to make major social and economic policy decisions based upon evidence.