Ruth Weston

Former Assistant Director (Research), Australian Institute of Family Studies

On behalf of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, I wish to thank you for your generosity in representing the Australian community by participating in HILDA.

Why is your participation so important to us? Among other things, HILDA enables us to track the impact of life's transitions (e.g., leaving home, forming relationships, having children, separating, retiring) on such key issues as financial security, family relationships, sense of social support, emotional wellbeing and heath-related life style patterns. All such information is of immense value for policy, given that families, no matter their composition, are the foundation of communities. As participants of HILDA, you help us identify the nature of supports required by families and individuals, and times in the life course when particular supports are most needed. Thank you again for assisting us to fulfil our key role of identifying factors affecting the wellbeing and functioning of Australian families.

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Ruth Weston

Assistant Director (Research)

Australian Institute of Family Studies

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