Martin Parkinson AC PSM

Former Secretary of the Department of the Treasury

"Over the past decade, the HILDA study has become the most comprehensive source of information for understanding the Australian way of life."

Research and analysis based on this extensive longitudinal study are important to informing the development of Government policies affecting the Australian people.

Its focus on the dynamics of family and household formation, income and work complements other data sources and contributes to Treasury's analysis of household behaviour and the economic environment. The study has evolved to keep pace with a changing world and has adapted to shifts in key policy settings. The interest in the data from researchers in Australia and internationally is evident from the flourishing list of publications and journals.

The high participation rate of respondents reflects the value they place on the importance of the study. Their invaluable contribution influences decisions made not only by the Government but by many leading community organisations.

Martin Parkinson, PSM
Secretary to the Treasury, Australian Government

Reserve Bank of Australia