Taking part in the Living in Australia study involves answering questions about many different topics, such as education, employment, retirement, income, family, and how you feel about different aspects of your life...

Your interviewer will ask everyone in your household aged 15 years or older to answer these questions. This usually takes about 35 minutes.

One person in your household will also be asked a few questions about the household in general. This usually takes about 10 minutes to answer.

Depending on your circumstances, we will visit you next year to find out about your life in the last 12 months. To keep you up-to-date with the study's news and results, you will also be sent a copy of the Living in Australia newsletter next year.

If you would like a copy of the latest newsletter please ask your interviewer.

What will you ask me about?

The four big areas that affect all of us are:

  • Who we share our lives with;
  • What we do with our time;
  • How we manage financially; and
  • What we think are the good and bad things about our lives.

To understand the things that affect you, our interviewers ask questions about how you feel about various parts of your life.

Our aim is to find out how things are changing in Australia. To do this we need to ask many of the same questions every year. Surprisingly, when people think nothing has changed and they are asked the same questions, we often find that things have changed.

Our thanks to you

We greatly appreciate the time you spend with our interviewers each year. As a thank-you for your participation, we will give you $40 cash at the end of your interview. When every eligible member in the household has taken part, your household will receive an additional $40.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation. With your continued support, this important national study will remain to be a valuable tool in helping shape our nation.

Just turned 15?

Young people, such as you, are critical to the future of Australia. By sharing your unique experience you are assisting all young Australians to influence their future.

Now that you have turned 15, we want to talk to you! Whether you are still at school, just started work or trying to figure out your next steps, you can make sure the young people in Australia are represented in this important study.

For your time, you will receive a $40 cash gift in thanks for your participation.